Don’t Fluff Talk Me

Ever had a conversation that didn’t mean anything? That’s what i call the fluff talk. Don’t fluff talk with me, it’s comfortable to talk about comfortable stuff, but i want to be excused.

Don’t make me feel like i’m talking to somebody that love me when you just fluff talking me. A whole bunch of time, and a whole bunch of nothing. Be meaningful please!!!!!

It’s tough when you know you’re being fluff talked for about thirty minutes of conversation. If you take your life really serious don’t take the term “fluff talk” lightly.

Your mind will tell you when your being fluffed, something in your mind will click. You’ll say to yourself “this person bullshitting my time, and this needs to end”. Don’t look over this sensation. END THE CONVERSATION,



via Daily Prompt: Fluff


2 thoughts on “Don’t Fluff Talk Me”

  1. I completely agree. I hate fluffy talk/ small talk. I’d much rather not speak at all then to waste my time and energy. Hi and goodbye


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