I go to church to be enlightened

I go to church to be enlighten, I want to learn more about me and the word of god. I don’t mean to make people uncomfortable, but it’s worth going. You get to hear somebody teaching that probably has a calling to preach and teach you enough knowledge to be enlightened.

I go to church to be around people with positive attitudes towards religion. You never know what you’ll learn while there, you might learn something about your social skills, or personality traits. Going to church is like a spiritual check-up where you can diagnose the real issues only.

I learned last week that when we trust our minds to carry us through a series of tough situation in life, you have a big chance of being let down by your mind. The mind only carries so much stress before it finds a escapes route and joins defeat. If your goal is to think your way through life you’ll be amazed how your brain will react to love, and your biggest fears. You have to use your heart most of the time.

It feels great to learn and be enlightened while in church because there’s no way I could have learned that in the house stuck on my computer. I’m grateful and happy to be  constantly enlighten, it happens every-time i go. Not only do I just listen to the pastor i listen to my mind and heart.

Check out the church i attentd. They do live videos at 9:30 am and 12:30. You can watch old videos there too. Oasis Atlanta

Worship experience at Oasis Atlanta

http://www.oasisfamilylife.com http://www.oasisfamilylife.tv

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4 thoughts on “I go to church to be enlightened”

  1. I don’t know if you will agree with me. But for me, Church is a great foundation… How can I justify that church is a good foundation? You can read it through my autobiography. It was explained about my experience on how I met God and how it was molded me.

    I would like to share this:

    “Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline”

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  2. In addition my friend, you already begin working with God, so continue to do so… For if you sow, you will harvest. You planted a good relationship with God, you will harvest blessings soon… Your “Faith” will be tested soon. Faith will be measure by struggles and success…


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